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The people / businesses listed on this page are here purely because they have earned the right to be.

We have 3 criteria that are very important to us as they are representing Lightning Hill Estate and all that we stand for.

The criteria are:

Exceptional at their craft

Down to earth, friendly people - like minded to us

Reasonably priced

You look at all the social pages that brides go on and many of them put comments like

'looking for an affordable .....'

'looking for cheap .....' 

'looking for reasonably priced ....'

These statements often frustrate many in the wedding industry as it's kind of like asking how long is a piece of string.

It's also relative to what the couple's budget is and what their expectations are of each vendor so it can become a bit frustrating for them.  Having said that, as soon as the 'W' word is used, prices seem to jack up - why I have no idea; it's a ceremony and a party!

One of the things we are trying to do is bring back proper affordability even though it is a wedding - our suppliers are the same.  Feel free to contact them all, tell them you are thinking of booking at Lightning Hill Estate and they will look after you even more.  Why???  Because they like coming here, we look after them, we often feed them, we treat them with respect and are flexible / work with them instead of telling them what they can and can't do or when they can and can't set up etc.

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