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Happy Snaps Photo Album

We all have mobile phones these days & we all love to take happy snaps - trouble is, no one ever gets to see them!
Well, we decided to share some of ours with you.  They are purely happy snaps, mainly ours but also some from others who have shared with us.  Some have a comment on them for your reference but most are just us sharing our photo album with you. 
We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.
From our family to yours xxx
Wedding Certificate.jpg

A few hero shots to wow you first...

LHE Sparklers.jpg

now to the happy snaps . . .

. . . oldest at the top, newest at the bottom

These first few photo's are from our very first wedding. It took place in January 2019 and it was for our very dear friends Lissa & Brad. We certainly were not a venue of any kind, they were just having it in our backyard.  If you have a close look at the photo's you will notice all the things that were NOT there then!

2023 02 Stace 10.jpg
20230211-2485 sm.jpg

Stacey & Warrick married on February 11, 2023 - as you can see from the photo's, these guys have a wicked sense of humour and really injected that throughout their whole day - every single one of us had a blast that day!!

2023 10 Vikki & Paul.png

A few old photo's

2018 03 Dam 4.JPG

March 2018

In these pictures we had already spent 3 or 4
days clearing the reeds - we were almost half
way!  The only way to do it was manually so a very slow process (and a very smelly one!)
2018 03 Dam 7.JPG
2018 03 Dam 1.JPG
If you have time, take in the water level, the vegetation and the amount we still had to remove much less then dispose of.  This dam is now the focal point of our estate and is now a very healthy ecosystem for native wildlife and introduced fish.

hence the name 'Lightning Hill Estate'

2017 12 Lightning.PNG

Lay of the land description.... that's harder than it sounds

Until you have been to a property (any property) it's hard to get an idea of where everything is - it's even harder here!  Having said that, here is my attempt.
Lightning Hill Estate is positioned on the top of a hill of which we have both sides of.  The main area is at the top of the hill and the cellar has been cut into the earth on the eastern side.  What this means is that most wind goes straight over the top without impacting the main area; you can still see it and hear it but it doesn't blow the crown off the queen.  The lake (it's actually our irrigation dam for the vineyard) is directly in front of the cellar.
Currently we have 4 main ceremony spots - they are:
  • On the jetty in front of the cellar and with the lake as the backdrop. This is the most popular spot because of the fountain but if you choose one of the other locations don't worry, it will still be there for photo's.
  • The rotunda. Located off to the right of the cellar and is perfect for hot summer afternoons as the big oak trees provide cooling shade.  The rotunda is covered by a 30 year old wisteria so in spring it is absolutely spectacular.
  • The Folley is on the other side of the property, it is perfect for weddings larger than 80 odd people and has the beautiful bush backdrop & dappled afternoon sun.
  • Then there is the wet weather option, this is actually inside the cellar and can comfortably seat 60, plus standing.
You don't have to decide which location until a couple of days before your date, we watch the weather closely so we always have a plan a. and a plan b.   We have even had everything set up in the cellar and then, as the bride was driving up the road, the groom 'called it' and we mobilised everything out to the jetty - not only did it not rain for this couple, they also got a double rainbow at the end of the ceremony!​
LB HR Sneaks37.jpg
Hazel is the rainbow x
LB Websize (171)_edited.jpg
LB Websize (199)_edited.jpg
2024 05 Jetty_edited_edited.jpg
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